Local Residential Solar Companies

There are several different local residential solar companies in the market today. It’s often hard for a residential homeowner to understand which company is best for them. Do you go with the low cost company, the nationwide company, or the local contractor down the street? The answer is yes to all, depending on your personal goals and concerns.

Breaking Down The Local Residential Solar Companies By Type

The low cost residential solar company

The low cost residential solar company is going to save you the most money day 1, but rarely the most money over the entire solar system life. These residential solar companies are focused only on selling you on the year one savings, and are not worried about servicing you long term, or how much your solar system could degrade over time. They are worried about the quick buck, and are rarely for the everyday homeowner.

There are situations where this may be the best fix now. Let’s say you knew you were going to sell your home in 1-2 years, and wanted quick savings, this might be the perfect solar company for you. A prepaid power purchase agreement with these type of companies could allow you to save the most money in a 2 year period.

The cause and effect of this is that homeowners are getting more and more educated everyday on what solar electricity panels are, and what  Solar products are in comparison to other products in the market. This may seem like a quick solution, but I highly encourage homeowners to stay away, as the old saying goes, “you pay for what you get.”

The nationwide residential solar companies

The nationwide residential solar companies are a little more comfortable feeling, but not necessarily the company I would go for. Most of these residential solar companies have seen fast growth, acquisition of companies in the local market, and lead to decrease in service and quality.

They are focused on “the big buck,” which has led them to not being able to service their community in the manner that is needed by a professional focused solar company. Solar is not as easy as sign here, and here’s how much it is going to cost. Each utility company has multiple rate schedules and territory’s with different baseline allowances.

How homeowners are billed for their electricity usage, is just as important as how much they use. It’s great to produce a bunch of power from solar, but if your not saving money solar doesn’t often make sense financially. These factors lead to a conclusive analysis needed in every market throughout the nation.

With 300-500 sales representatives in hundreds of markets it is very difficult for management to train and stay on top of these markets with the understanding that is needed to provide a professional service to their customers. They are often too big for their customers, and their own good.

The local residential solar companies

Local Residential Solar CompaniesThe local residential solar companies with a good reputation around town is often the best solution. They are focused in their one to two markets, and often have a very good understanding of your market.

They understand the local permitting restrictions, and most importantly the local utility rate schedules. These rate schedules lead to a precise output of the actual savings your solar system will give you over time.

If you have an issue arise over the next 25 years these are the type of residential solar companies that will pick up their phone without you having to leave a message where someone gets back to you in 24-48 hours. Even when the larger residential solar companies get back to you your usually put through a corporate America assembly line, and sometimes issues are too important for that.

Either way I believe solar energy is the future, and eventually all of us will need to do it. I always say, “your going to pay for your solar system, or your going to pay for your neighbors.”

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