Different Solar Inverters – Pros and Cons

There are many different solar inverters in the market today along with a ton of different solar panels. It’s important for homeowners to find out what inverter products work for them.

There is two main type of inverters in the market and a third one combines the two.

  • Central inverters
  • Micro-inverter’s,
  • Hybrid inverters.

California has a great resource page to look at all the type of inverters in the market.

Different Solar Inverters Micro Solar Panel Inverters

Micro solar panel inverters allow the solar system to be separated into individual single panel systems. There is a small inverter for every single solar panel. The benefits of this is that the system will act independently from issues coming from any othe panels in the solar array. Module mismatch during the production process is greatly reduced due to other panels not being able to weigh down the effectiveness of other panels in the array. Micro inverter’s come with 25 year warranty’s, so there’s a good chance the equipment will last for a long time. Installation of the solar system is greatly decreased due to the ease of the plug and play materials provided by the micro inverter manufactures.

Central Solar Inverters

Central solar inverters allow for your entire solar system to run off of 1-2 inverter’s, rather than 1 per panel. The cost is typically less for the these inverters, but the warranty’s are 10 years verse 25 years. These inverters are commonly used in lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) solar systems, as the leasing companies will cover everything for 20-25 years, in essence extending your warranty. Central inverter’s can be a cost effective solution for non-obstructed roofs with lease or PPA agreements.

There is inverter options in the solar energy market for all type of homes, and purchase options. It’s up to the homeowner to find a quality contractor who can relay the pros and cons to their customer, so their customer can make an educated decision from there.

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