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    Solar is now a household item and is no more complicated than your standard household electrical wiring. Watch this animation to learn more.

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    Poweraid has streamlined the residential solar installation process, separating the install into seven distinct steps to form a efficient assembly line.

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    We understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is why we only use the highest aesthetically pleasing solar energy panels in the market.

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    As electric rates go up and solar incentives go down, the return on your solar investment is constantly changing. Learn what solar can do today.

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How Solar Works?




The suns energy hits the solar panels/modules and creates direct current (DC) power. That energy gathers together and heads to your solar systems inverter.


The inverter is typically located as close as possible to the main electrical panel. The energy from your solar panels comes in as DC power and is inverted over to alternate current (AC) power, which your home runs off of. The power then heads to your electrical panel for distribution.


Your electrical panel is the hub for electricity consumption and production for your home. Electricity comes in from your grid and your solar system, and is distributed to electrical loads in your home through your electrical panel.


The utility meter is the measuring point of what you have pulled from and delivered to the utility grid. When you consume more power then you produce your meter will run forward. When you produce more power then you consume your meter will spin backwards. Your utility company bills or credits you on the month end net total.


The utility grid acts as the support system to your solar system. When it is dark out and no sun is hitting your solar panels the utility grid will continue to support your electrical needs. When you produce more power then you are consuming during the sunny hours of the day your excess power will go thru the utility’s grid, and be distributed to your neighbors electrical needs.


Your solar monitoring system will allow you to access the day in and day out production of your solar system. You will have access to your solar system any world in the world there is internet access. Beyond you monitoring your solar system Poweraid monitors your solar system to assure that your system is always operating at its peak potential.




7 Easy Steps to Solar





All we need is 12 months of electric usage in hand when you contact us. A representative will ask you some brief questions to better understand your solar needed, and will set up an appointment that best fits your schedule.
A Poweraid representative will show up at your house and show you the benefits of solar and our referral program. They will layout all purchasing options that best fit your personal needs. Both together offer the most extensive opportunity for homeowners in the solar market.
After one of our representatives has met with you one of our solar experts will be scheduled to visit your home ladder in hand to conduct an extensive site inspection. They will gather all information for the finishing process of your solar installation.
Our in house design, engineering, and permitting team will take over the project. Handle all necessary documentation needed to obtain a permit at your local City or County permitting office. With permitting experience in over 100 Cities we guarantee the quickest turn around in the solar industry.
The heart and Soul of the company, we at Poweraid pride ourselves on the end product. Your home is your sanctuary and our #1 goal is to leave your home with the highest quality solar installation. We have never sacrificed quality for profits, and never will.
We want you to enjoy your solar system and experience. We handle all paperwork processing to get your solar system up and fully functional. We deal directly with the state and local rebate programs, and your utility company for Net Metering connection.
The final step of your solar opportunity, and the most important! We off the highest paying referral program in the industry. Call today to learn about our “REFER 1 FRIEND” program.


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